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The information below was taken from a letter from GM Nameplate's World Wide Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Gerry Gallagher. Gerry and company engaged OneAccord to help realign the business in response to a changing market. You can read the letter in full here.

Company Industry



Seattle, WA

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Business Situation

  • In recent years, market shifts due to globalization caused declines in domestic sales for many of our key customers, which then reflected in our own sales growth. Our sales force, at that time, was predominately manufacturer’s representatives focused on the electronics industry, supplemented by direct sales representatives who were focused on geographic territories.

OneAccord Solution

  • Initiated and executed annual territory goal-setting process based on available market and product line
  • Shifted to industry versus geographic focus for sales coverage
  • Began tracking and supporting target opportunities throughout the entire organization
  • Implemented and refined 30-60-90-day forecasting process
  • Conducted sales skill and industry training for entire sales force
  • Developed job scoping and descriptions
  • Implemented performance metrics
  • Modified operational processes to support each of the categories of change
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  • "Today, GM Nameplate has much stronger sales operations to support our goals and drive growth. We are confident we have the appropriate processes and accountability in place to execute effectively. We have had many positive results from our engagement with One Accord and are pleased to recommend their services to other companies interested in making changes and growing with the times."     —Gerry Gallagher | World Wide Vice President, Sales and Marketing