Glenn Hansen

Partner, Northwest

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Practice Focus

  • Executive Coaching
  • Management Training & Development
  • Accelerating Revenue Growth
  • Turnaround
  • Culture Building Where People Love to Grow, Work and Prosper
  • Design & Implementation of Processes for Scaling Growth


From early in my business career, my drive to excel and hunger to learn, to be the best I could be, aided my rapid growth. My work in sales, sales management, director-level management and executive leadership equipped me to be extremely helpful to business owners.

I worked on the sales floor of a startup consumer electronics store, The Federated Group. The company grew rapidly, as did my career. After growing throughout California, we initiated an IPO. It was so successful that we launched a second offering three weeks later. Millions of dollars in cash lead to a rapid, multi-state expansion.

The success I enjoyed up to this point came from a focus on contributing to the success and lives of others. I wanted to know more and contribute more, so I invested three years in graduate studies in theology and leadership.

I then returned to consumer electronics retail by joining Best Buy. I opened many of the first stores on the West Coast, starting in Southern California. I was privileged to lead a team that was #1 among eight regions every month for more than seven years running. We were also #1 on the national scorecard, which tracked the five most important financial drivers and measurements.  

In 2009 I joined OneAccord. I wanted to take my drive for excelling and the many success lessons I’d learned in small, big and huge enterprise companies to help small and mid-market companies. These companies rarely learn or understand the things that make organizations healthy and able to enjoy sustainable growth.

Most of my contributions to the companies I’ve worked with are industry-agnostic. In my years with OneAccord, I’ve had the joy and privilege of working with companies in various industries. I’ve worked with B2B, B2C, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, construction, outside sales, telephone sales and others.

I’ve also done fractional, interim executive work. As a recent example, I took an interim CEO role with a company owned by a private equity group. It had been losing $1 million to $2 million annually. Employee morale was extremely low and turnover was extremely high. I was able to help get things turned around so the company could be sold and I now work as a fractional chief operating officer with the new owner. In the last two years the company's revenue has doubled, the business is very profitable and the balance sheet has improved by millions.

My wife, Alessandra, and I have five adult kids. We also have guardianship of four young children whose mother died. But wait! There’s more! My dad and Alessandra’s mom live with us as well. The four young kids are enrolled in Cedar Park Christian school. My wife and I are involved with the school, sports and our church.

What Customers Are Saying About Glenn Hansen

“Glenn was quite forthright and delivered an assessment using ‘truth with compassion’…I would highly recommend Glenn to any organization that wishes to improve its ability to grow and develop a culture where all employees feel heard and respected.”

- Randy Chiabai, CEO, Redden Marine Supply

"He assessed the management team and provided specific recommendations, action plans and timelines for delivering results and he hit those milestones flawlessly. Thanks to his work we were able to accelerate improvements in delivering operational excellence to our customers.”

- Guy Marsala, CEO, EZ Lube