Gasper Gulotta


(206) 434-5607


Practice Focus

  • Strategic Planning
  • Operations
  • Executive Coaching
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Technology Research & Development


Gasper Gulotta is a dynamic business executive. He is known for helping companies open new markets, accelerate growth and improve ROI by establishing a challenging vision in attractive markets, building a consensus and establishing enterprise-wide commitment to its success. A West Point graduate, Gasper possesses the rigor and discipline to develop tomorrow’s leaders and open new markets to consistently deliver superior results. He is a leader who makes the tough decisions, stays the course under pressure and is ideally suited for enterprise leadership roles in companies facing the challenges of developing sustainable programs to dramatically improve financial and operational performance.

Before coming to OneAccord, Gasper served as COO for Continuant, Inc., where he led the company through a period of 25 percent annual growth. Prior to this, he worked as a senior director for Telecommunication Systems. During his tenure, he opened and expanded markets, developed a $1 billion opportunity pipeline and led his unit to bid more than $600 million in new proposals within a single quarter.

As vice president of engineering and professional services, information systems for ITT, Gasper successfully integrated two acquisitions that facilitated top line growth of more than $280 million. He also enabled pursuit of major new market areas and turned around a declining service market in the Department of Defense market area.

Gasper experienced early success in a 25-year career as an officer in the U.S. Army. He served in four command assignments, which culminated in Brigade Commander, as well as deputy director at the National Nuclear Security Administration in Washington, DC, where he built the first set of R&D plans to experimentally certify the US nuclear stockpile. He later served at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), where he developed a new systematic method of deploying cutting edge war fighter technologies into the Army.

Gasper holds a bachelor’s degree in nuclear engineering from West Point and three master’s degrees from the University of Southern California, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base. He anticipates completion of his doctorate from Faith International University and Seminary in Tacoma in 2019.

Gasper is married to his high school sweetheart, Joanne. He has three adult children, the youngest of which is currently attending West Point and plans to serve in the Army as an infantry officer. Gasper and Joanne are both deacons in their local church and volunteer at Care Net of Puget Sound, a Christian organization that offers pregnancy and family services (parent mentoring, training and advocacy) to young men and women who find themselves in crisis situations.