EZ Lube

74-store chain of quick-lube stores in Southern California


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The company went through Chapter 11 bankruptcy two years prior to our engagement. Goldman Sachs bought the company and hired the CEO, Guy Marsala, who hired OneAccord 18 months later.

Company Industry

Service & Retail


$75 million in sales


Santa Ana, CA

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Business Situation

  • Sales were growing, but sluggishly
  • The technicians in the company's stores were not effectively selling the extra services to meet customer needs after their 19-point inspection
  • Store managers and district managers had never had any management or leadership training
    • Hence, they were primarily 'doers' and very ineffective in their management roles

OneAccord Solution

We focused on training and developing the district managers (DMs). They, in turn, would do the same with their store managers, who would do the same with their assistant managers.
  • DMs received training for:
    • How be an effective manager and leader
    • What to do — and not do — in order to have effective, value-add store visits
    • How to conduct effective one-on-one performance management meetings with their direct reports
    • How to lead effective meetings and conference calls
  • We developed them through the following four steps:
    • Instructed them using reproducible, one-page teaching tools
    • Showed them what we meant by modeling what we had taught them
    • Observed them as they performed the various skills they had learned
    • Released them to go and take their store managers through the same four steps
  • We facilitated a process with the DMs as a group to develop their own working contract
    • This contract effectively caused them to become a true team
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  • We completed what we set out to do after working with the company for a couple of days each week for 5 months
  • In our final meeting with the CEO, he informed us he had just heard from Goldman Sachs — they said sales had grown so fast over the last four months that they were a year ahead of schedule and it was time to sell
  • Less than two months later, Valvoline purchased EZ Lube
    • Valvoline terminated all the DMs and executives to bring in their own team or make their own hiring choices
    • A few months later, Valvoline rehired every one of the DMs, saying they were impressed with how well trained they were.