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An online retailer of fun and fitness products for the home. Founded by three brothers who continue to run the company today.

Company Industry

Fitness Products


Seattle, WA

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 Business Situation

  • Dazadi had spent a year focused on topline revenue, which grew over 40 percent and took the company to over $7 million annually. However, they lost $400,000, which put them in a cashflow deficit with the prospect of declaring bankruptcy in the very near future.
  • The relationship between two of the brothers had become so conflicted and bitter they could hardly stand to be in the same room. Because they disagreed on critical issues, their unhealthy relationship threatened the life of the company.
  • There were critical parts of successful retail that the owners did not know about or understand.
  • The company had a constant flow of customer complaints and problems.
  • In the early months of the next year, revenue dropped. Their business model and strategy caused them to continue losing money.

 OneAccord Solution

  • We made significant changes to the pricing strategy and began to make adjustments toward a different business model which would improve customer experience, employee experience and profit
  • Transitioned the outsourced call center to an internal one
  • Created training and coaching, and hired talented people with great attitudes
  • Worked with the brothers to help them improve their relationship
    • This came through many one-on-one conversations and facilitating ‘healthy’ conflict between them.
    • The book, “The One Life Solution,” helped provide content and context to help facilitate improvement in the relationship
  • Equipped the owners with the skills to manage and lead their employees more effectively
  • Filled the gaps in leaders' knowledge of retail and retail math
  • Taught the owners how to draw from their employees' knowledge and ideas to build better strategies with high levels of buy-in
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  • As of this writing, the company is growing topline revenue at about 30 percent year-over-year
  • Gross profit and net profit margins are dramatically higher
  • As they continue to change their business model toward a much better one, customers and employees are happier and have fewer problems
  • The internal call center is a big success
    • There has been a dramatic reduction in customer complaints
    • The team sell and up-sell
    • The company receives customer compliments and testimonials because of their great work
  • The two brothers’ relationship has dramatically improved, and continues to do so