COVID-19 resources page

Resources to help business owners weather the storm

We will be updating this page as new resources become available, so be sure to check back regularly.

Table of Contents

Free back-to-work resources: Back-to-Business Primer

Free consultations: Business & nonprofit, Legal  | Free services: Payroll, Help with anything, Financial assistance | Free PPE: Masks & Sanitizer | Free software: MS Teams, Webex
Free training:
Career Training, Content creation, Healthy food prep, Weekly leadership meetings
| Free webinars: Seattle Chamber series, Leading through adversity, Lockton webcast series

Financial resources: PPP banks, State grants, Calculator: Loan forgiveness, Calculator: PPP or ERTC, Taxes, legislation, loans and more | Get involved: Provide masks, Manufacture PPE, Sponsor career training, Provide assistance 
Health: Hand sanitizer, Air sanitizer | Help at home: Family meal deal | Insights: Economic updates | Legislation: CARES Act

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