Complimentary consultations for business owners.

It's a hard time for small business owners. Many are facing hard decisions as they try to determine the best options for their company and employees. Our team is here to help.

In light of the current crisis, we are offering free consultations. Call us at (425) 250-0883 or submit the form below to schedule yours.

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We understand the unique position of the owner — many of us have been there ourselves. We can answer your questions, address your concerns and help you chart a course for your business.

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"I was referred to John [Kaminski] of One Accord by a friend and he graciously offered me an hour-and-a-half phone consultation for my small business. He was attentive and knowledgeable and offered suggestions about how to maintain the health of my business during the shutdown, as well as some steps to take to strengthen the scope of my company for the future. I left with a solid list of actionable steps to take and was very encouraged by his forecasting. It was a tremendous gift to get access to John's wealth of experience." Sarah Hurt, founder, Seattle Art Source
"The OneAccord consultation session was incredibly valuable to my business. I came to the conversation not knowing what kind of help I needed, just that I knew I could use expert guidance. The OneAccord team asked a series of insightful questions about my business and industry, and I was surprised by how quickly they understood the challenges we're facing, and identified opportunities I hadn't thought of. After speaking to a particularly interesting opportunity, the team provided a wealth of insight into how my business might capitalize on it. I left the session feeling energized and encouraged." Matt Tanaka, founder, Stout Collective
"Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with us last Friday. We appreciated your time and candid insights on how to build a scenario/communication framework during this challenging time. Knowing we have strong strategic guidance from proven leaders is incredibly reassuring and meaningful. We found our conversation to be very valuable with immediate action items along with great food for thought." Gina Cittadini, director of operations, REST: Real Escape from the Sex Trade
"The team at OneAccord not only gave me actionable ways to improve my business, they gave me context on why it was important and a way to apply to multiple situations and clients. It's always refreshing to have an outside perspective weigh in, but it really magnifies the impact when you know they care about helping you. John and the team really care, and they know what they're talking about. My business was impacted immediately, and I'm better off than I was before talking to them. How many interactions can you say that about in life?" Mark Skala, founder, Skalawag Productions