Vadim Novo


(425) 314-8260

"I find great joy in spending time with my family — I love parenting, laughing and hiking with my wife and children. I'm active in our church and on the city council, and fill my spare time with thick books and Olympic weightlifting."


Vadim is a experienced business leader, entrepreneur and manager with a focus on operational finance. He has a successful track record of starting, growing and turning around businesses in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Through many challenges, Vadim has earned a reputation for getting his hands dirty creating sustainable systems for EBITDA optimization. He has a cashflow approach that begins with optimizing gross margin with proven cash revenue systems, then leaning out, automating and streamlining cost-of-goods-sold inputs from the supply chain to operations. After aligning organizational structure with business strategy, Vadim uses a metric-driven program to integrate all business functions and instill continual improvement throughout, creating a strong culture with effective teams.

Prior to joining OneAccord, Vadim co-founded and managed a sheet metal manufacturer for exterior building envelopes. After establishing operations, he implemented a turnaround in the commoditized marketspace by baking in Lean manufacturing and Kaizen methodologies throughout the whole organizational structure, including all administrative functions. This allowed him to systematize consistent and sustainable net profits of 20 percent.

In 2011, Vadim spun out and co-founded a company that designs, fabricates and installs architectural metals in the Pacific Northwest. He was responsible for the entire organization, starting with development sales, marketing, estimating and project management. Following the company's subsequent growth, Vadim worked on the organizational structure, setting up operational and administrative functions, and adapting cashflow management to meet expansion needs.

A refugee from Russia, Vadim grew up working in his father's construction business, which gave him a hunger for developing products, building businesses and creating jobs. He went on to earn his bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business.