Robert Linder


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“I've been called a Renaissance Man, making films and podcasts along with cooking and winemaking. I'm passionate about helping people and companies reach their greatest potential. On a personal level, my true passion is spending time with my family and good friends.”


Robert uses strategic vision and a wealth of business experience to map out actionable activities to increase revenue and profitability.

He is able to dive deep to uncover issues and barriers that are keeping a company from growth and success, ultimately crafting a tactical plan to help them achieve their goals.

Robert has over 30 years of experience in sales and 15 in operations. He specializes in digital strategy, technology engagement, team building, client services and operational effectiveness.

As president of Emeralds Marine Products, Robert grew revenue 35 percent year over year through expansion of marketing and brand awareness, and development of a more dynamic resell channel. He grew distribution channels, optimized SEO and SEM efforts, and developed and launched a new product line to reach new customers.

As a business consultant to C-Hero, which manufactures safety products in the maritime industry, Robert created a new sales and pricing model that successfully introduced products to the market.

During the 14 years he worked at Innovyx, a digital marketing agency supporting Fortune 500 clients, he grew the business from sole salesperson to managing the client services team, increasing revenue 30 percent year over year through channel development and client retention practices. As COO, he implemented change management in the process and client deliverables to successfully integrate their proprietary cloud-based marketing tool with other market-leading technology.

Robert was a sales executive for over 10 years for computer technology companies working with business-to-business and enterprise solutions. He developed European offices and grew new territories throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Robert earned his degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. He is a member of American Waterways Operators and volunteers with Ventures (formally Washington C.A.S.H.), an exceptional nonprofit dedicated to helping enterprising individuals with limited financial resources gain self-sufficiency through small business ownership. As a business coach with Ventures, he has seen firsthand the power of people doing great things when support and direction is applied to inspiration.

What customers are saying about Robert Linder

I engaged Robert Linder about 18 months ago to help bring my product to market. Rob specialized in developing pricing and the sales channel. He coached me on the details of consistent messaging for my product and developing a sales pipeline. He worked with me on scripting for sales calls/ presentations and his experienced mentoring provided the confidence I needed to go forth and sell. Rob continues to mentor our company, his sales experience is invaluable. His passion for me to be a successful entrepreneur, is contagious. Rob is trustworthy and a great human.

- Shane Smith, CEO & President, C-Hero Man-Overboard Systems