Randal Dick

Nonprofit Principal

(626) 905-8411 Randal.Dick@OneAccord.co


Randal is a results-driven, development and execution-oriented leader with more than 25 years experience leading high performance teams. He’s a proven business professional, capable of leading change in both the boardroom and on the frontline, with a strong track record leading strategy development, entrepreneurship, performance and evaluation, globally, across a variety of social enterprises and functions.

Prior to joining OneAccord Nonprofit, Randal was the President of Profit Environment, a startup company that brings new solutions to enable CEOs to recapture profit lost due to an unhealthy corporate culture. At Design Group International, Randal was a Senior Consultant and his focus areas included organizational development, operations improvement, governance excellence and interim leadership.

Randal has provided servant leadership and executive oversight to churches and mission operations in over 70 countries in his position as Director of Missions and International Operations with the Worldwide Church of God. He led a team of regional and national leaders in the identification, planning and execution of mission critical objectives, and facilitated a cross-national cooperation program sharing. Prior to this role, Randal served as Senior Pastor to a series of congregations from Washington, D.C., to Florida, and Chicago, IL. While at the Ambassador Foundation, Randal was the Personal Assistant to the President providing support for the development of numerous international educational, humanitarian and other programs.

Randal has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Intercultural Studies at the School of Intercultural Studies, a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a B.A. from Ambassador College.

In his spare time, Randal enjoys photography, fishing, short-term futures trading, international travel, reading, cooking, and coffee shops.


Click here to listen to Randal's talk, "Marketplace Christian, or Christian in the Marketplace?"

What customers are saying about Randal Dick

"Randal is such an advocate! We just completed a strategic planning session where his efforts were integral to our success. He has a special way of connecting with everyone involved, from the board to our line staff who participated in this important planning event. He was a coach, cheerleader and mentor throughout the entire process. I would gladly work with him again and recommend Randal to others looking for similar services."

— Joseph Crain, Executive Director, St. Vincent de Paul, Bremerton

“Randal is genuine, sincere and excellent in the work that he does. He is brilliant in the area of Governance, and is able to articulate the importance that every organization have a clear understanding and are able to implement governance well. He is a man of noble character, and beyond human intellect, he has a refreshing sense of humor.”

William D. Winship, CEO, Portacle

"Randal was absolutely amazing. He stepped in at the last minute and really helped us out. More than that, he was absolutely perfectly suited to lead us through the values, principles, benefits, mission-oriented exercises that we wanted but didn't know we wanted. His expertise and time were invaluable to us.

"Randal, we cannot thank you enough. The board noted how different, in the best way, this retreat felt than last year's. We had deliverables, you guided us to work together and you kept our exercises manageable and on point. We are all so pleased and grateful you came to the island to spend the day with us. Thank you!"

Maria Metzler,  Executive Director, Helpline House