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"My greatest accomplishments I cannot take credit for; they are my family and faith. I have been in love with and married to Jeanne Flahiff since 1994. Together we have three amazing daughters who are creative, caring and a force to be reckoned with."


Joseph Flahiff is a seasoned business leader with more than 25 years’ experience in key leadership positions in the healthcare and high-tech industries, with an emphasis on creating efficiencies in business processes and creating 21st century leaders. His thought leadership in Lean processes and Agile software development were developed through practical application in mission-critical, high-profile projects and organizational transformations.  His experience has made him a sought-after expert for high profile organizations. When NASA was researching whether they could use Agile practices in their life-safety mission systems, they called on Jospeh as their industry expert. When Lockheed Martin was doing long-range planning for their Future Enterprise Programs, they asked Joseph to perform an assessment and provide recommendations as to how they could achieve an acceptable level of project tracking and forecasting.

Before coming to OneAccord, Joseph was CEO of Whitewater Projects, an Agile/Lean organizational transformation consultancy which helped organizations maintain a mix of agile and sequential work streams. As a direct result of his work, Tableau Software experienced significant improvement in their teams and executive effectiveness, which is now saving the company over $16 million annually. Joseph helped the Washington State Department of Licensing complete 24 months of forecasted work in just 9 months and enroll 105,000 more customers than their original prediction of 5,000 in the first year. If you have renewed a license online in Washington State, you have experienced the product he helped them develop: License eXpress.

Before starting Whitewater Projects, Joseph was a senior program manager at Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield. He led innovative and mission-critical programs such as Regence's Healthcare Transparency Initiative, which operated on an $8 million budget, had more than 200 staff and won numerous awards for healthcare innovation, including the Web Marketing Associations Web Award and the Information Management Symposium’s People’s Choice Award for Innovation. During a regulation upgrade for electronic transmission of healthcare transactions, Joseph identified a significant problem which would have resulted in up to $750 million dollars in federal fines. He collaborated with the executive team, system architects and other stakeholders to successfully avoid these fines.

Prior to Regence, Joseph was a program manager for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where he led numerous high-profile and mission-critical projects, including the build-out of the technology infrastructure of the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. This was a high-risk project with the potential to make or break The Hutch, and it was a huge success. During his seven-year tenure, he also completed three buildings, including the 372,000-square-foot Arnold building.

Joseph is a prolific author and thought leader in Lean/Agile business systems optimization. He has published two books: Being Agile in a Waterfall World (2014) and The New Agile Manager (2017). He is a contributing author and thought leader for and a sought-after keynote speaker and podcast guest.

What customers are saying about Joseph Flahiff

“Joseph helped me see that coaching is not about me being fixed, it’s about me becoming the best manager I can be. If you want to be the best manager in your organization, Joseph is the guy who can help you get there."

—Colin Merry, Director of Development, Tableau Software

"Joseph has a knack for getting to the core of what an organization should do to improve results. He draws from a deep pool of knowledge of leadership, organizational development, Agile methodologies and team-building experience, and presents his recommendations in a thoughtful, effective manner."

—Ben Vaught, CEO, Demand Star

“There were ‘Aha’ moments after ‘Aha’ moments.”

—DJ Vick, Senior Pastor, Eastside Foursquare


"Joseph helped mentor me through multiple business frustrations as I was developing my systems and business infrastructure. What I appreciated most was his ability to simplify complicated situations and create a seamless approach that I would have never thought of on my own."

—Chrissy Larsen, CEO, Pivitous Collective


"Joseph really knows his stuff. I was frequently impressed with his leadership insights and practical strategies."

—Jarrod Haning, Master Coach, Mindset Performance


"Joseph has contributed heavily through his wise and thoughtful advice to our leadership team. He has had a strong hand in helping us evolve our management style and adopt a servant leadership mindset and approach … I am very thankful we had a chance to work together and for the positive influence and contribution he made to Tableau."

—Thierry D’Hers, VP Product Development, Tableau Software


"Joseph is effective in being able to bridge the implementation of an Agile methodology in a company that does not completely operate in an Agile environment. I am appreciative of the energy, dedication and initiative he brought to the team."

—Brodie Dychinco, Population Health Leader, Amazon

"Joseph is highly professional, skilled and articulate in his communication and is a high energy entrepreneurial individual. "

Mike Arrigo, Managing Partner, No World Borders

"Joseph is able to easily navigate an organization and its political climate. He is an Agile guru, has a great sense of humor and is respected at levels through an organization. I would highly recommend him."

—Susan Dyer, Founder/President/Certified EOS Implementer, Traction Squared