Jonathan Harkless


(206) 714-2852

"All successful and healthy organizations are built on trust. The more a company does to build trust, the more successful it naturally becomes."


Jonathan is a proven business accelerator who becomes a catalyst for growth and health in each organization he engages. He is an experienced entrepreneur and business builder, with over 16 years of executive leadership experience spanning several industries.

With strong experience in many sectors including construction, manufacturing, consumer electronics, tapes and adhesives, door-to-door/direct sales, and insurance claims and adjustment, Jonathan has led many different types of businesses and models. In addition, he has worked in global product deployment, IP portfolio development, product design and engineering, offshore manufacturing, audio and video production, and visual branding and storytelling. Jonathan also has experience with churches and nonprofits, having owned a consulting and contracting company that served megachurches throughout the West Coast.

Through both successes and challenges, Jonathan has earned the reputation of a high-growth sales leader, an accomplished operational manager, a strong problem-solver and an inspirational motivator with the ability to build good culture and effective teams. He has a metric-driven business approach with the ability to analyze company systems, identify key priorities and develop meaningful metrics. He is able to then dashboard these findings for critical-path employees in a way that produces significant results.

In 2011, Jonathan began product and IP development on a new applicator for adhesive tapes. Three years later, backed by an IP portfolio of more than 100 patent claims in 148 countries, the product launched and went viral, almost immediately garnering more than 10 million video views and more than 1,200 distributor requests from 89 countries. Most recently, Jonathan helped restructure a large Dallas/Fort Worth construction company in the door-to-door industry, growing revenue by 369 percent in only 10 months.

The most important organization Jonathan has ever built is his family. He has been married 17 years and has been blessed with five children. He spends his free time doing projects around their small farm and supporting their local church. Jonathan and his wife, Serena, support several organizations that advocate and care for orphans around the world, particularly those with special needs. Jonathan is also an accomplished musician who plays several instruments.