John Aiello


(425) 478-6916

"I enjoy outdoor activities including skiing/backcountry skiing, mountain biking, trail running, hiking, fly fishing and sailing.


John comes to OneAccord with an impressive background of global leadership, sales and business development, engineering, manufacturing and materials that enables him to take a wholistic approach to revenue and EBITDA growth.

John has a proven track record of aligning and leading all functions within multinational/multi-plant organizations, effectively utilizing resources and core competencies, and applying innovative and best practices towards capitalizing on global market opportunities in changing markets. He successfully navigates and delivers on the unique requirements of private equity as well as public and privately owned companies. He has helped organizations within the aerospace and manufacturing supply chain advance their adoption of Industry 4.0, advanced automation and digital transformation in the manufacturing environment, greatly improving efficiency, up-time, lights-out operation and profitability.

During his time at a PE-owned aerospace and defense manufacturing organization, John delivered a six-year CAGR of 25 percent. By focusing growth strategy on high-profit margin products, he developed a privately held aerospace component manufacturers global market for their highest GM critical spacecraft device, enabling revenue and EBITDA growth to exceed 30 percent per year.

John greatly increased sales, profitability and market share at a manufacturing company’s subsidiary in Israel by leading and facilitating lean manufacturing initiatives that cut manufacturing lead times in half and captured sales during rapid expansion in the aerospace industry.

As a private equity consultant, John provided industry and market expertise in aerospace, manufacturing, CNC machining and metals in support of acquisition assessment and valuation. As a consulant for investment banking, institutional investors and hedge funds, he provided clients with an enhanced understanding of market trends, issues and current events affecting companies within the aerospace manufacturing vertical and spotted forward trends to anticipate future demand.

John attended the University of Michigan, where he completed an aerospace engineering degree in addition to post-graduate studies in engineering, business and finance.