For 25 years, Glenn was a highly success retail management senior executive in the consumer electronics industry. Achieving extraordinary results and leading profitable sales and retail stores, he builds teams with synergy. He has led teams to success in vastly different sales environments for both products and services.

He is a great sales trainer and motivator. Glenn also has a talent for building effective strategies amidst complex challenges and takes strategy to execution to achieve and exceed goals. In all, Glenn is a best-in-class results-getter.

Glenn’s early career was with the regional consumer electronics retailer, The Federated Group. By the early '90s after a few years with The Good Guys at the height of their success, Glenn joined Best Buy to help open the West Coast. At Best Buy, the world’s leading Consumer Electronics retailer, he oversaw stores with revenues exceeding $400 million annually.

Leadership development, interpersonal communication and conflict management are some of Glenn’s other competencies. He is gifted at building strategic plans and taking strategy to execution with extraordinary performance results. Turning around struggling or stuck businesses is another of his core skills.

Since 2009 Glenn has been the regional managing Principal for OneAccord in California. OneAccord has a best-in-class team of former CEOs and senior executives who help small and mid-size companies that need help growing their profitable revenue. Glenn has helped several companies achieve extraordinary success on a part-time interim or project basis. He has been a speaker at various venues in Southern California on leadership, hiring talent, team-building, and sales.

Glenn is on the board of two organizations, Redden Marine Supply and Transformational Leadership Africa.

Glenn completed his undergraduate work at Long Beach State University, where he majored in communications. He received a master's in leadership and theology from the International School of Theology.

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What customers are saying about Glenn Hansen

“Glenn was quite forthright and delivered an assessment using ‘truth with compassion’…I would highly recommend Glenn to any organization that wishes to improve its ability to grow and develop a culture where all employees feel heard and respected.”

- Randy Chiabai, CEO, Redden Marine Supply