Darin Leonard

CEO at BestWorth

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Darin is currently serving as the CEO of BestWorth.

Darin Leonard is a purpose-centered leader with decades of executive experience. From leading teams in the Fortune 500 to running both institutionally owned and privately held companies, his success comes from his ability to build and empower world-class leadership teams.

At OneAccord, Darin serves as senior vice president, senior partner and a director on two of our Solomons Fund portfolio company boards. He is a nationally sought-after contributor and keynote speaker on the trends and topics in food, franchise, consumer behaviors, demographics and culture.

Darin is currently operating as the CEO/president of BestWorth Rommel, a design, engineering and fabrication company in Arlington, Washington that is part of the Solomons Fund portfolio of companies.

Prior to BestWorth Rommel, Darin served as CEO of Dream Dinners for 11 years, where he led one of the great success stories of the food industry. During a season in which every one of Dream Dinners' competitors failed, Darin led the organization through a mission-centered turnaround with an innovative growth strategy that doubled the revenue per store while improving operating margins over 30 percent. 

During his tenure at OneAccord, Darin has created a diverse portfolio of client success stories. His practice has focused primarily on privately held organizations facing transitions, generational transfers and turnarounds. Darin has an empathetic gift for driving to the core quickly and delivering the truth in a way that stakeholders can hear and implement.

Before he joined OneAccord, Darin served as the CEO of the Maytag Stores, an innovative retail appliance concept spun out of Maytag Corp. Prior to that, Darin held executive leadership positions in all three corporate divisions (independent dealers, national accounts and builder/contract) within Maytag Appliances. During his tenure at Maytag, he led major customer negotiations and held vertical leadership roles in sales, marketing and merchandising.

Darin is a deeply committed husband and father to three sons who share his patriotism and love of everything baseball. He serves on the boards of multiple food and manufacturing organizations as well as a nonprofit ministry.

What customers are saying about Darin Leonard

“I am not the type of person who gives accolades easily but we were stunned at the level of discovery your team ascertained and how practical the recommendations were…OneAccord not only met our expectations but exceeded them on a strategic level, as well as a tactical level.”

- Dave DiFranco, Vice President, Blue Point Capital