Dan Kristiansen


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"I'm active in my community and church. I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling, camping, exploring the outdoors and driving off-road vehicles at excessive speed."


Dan has extensive experience managing and growing several private sector businesses and has been involved in the buying and selling of family owned businesses both with family and open-market buyers.

His family owned businesses include a high-end custom construction and service company established 35 years ago, and a commercial real estate/leasing company founded more than 20 years ago. For many years, his family owned several spa and woodstove retail stores they eventually sold to one of their vendors.

Dan and his wife have also been or are part owners of other companies in the manufacturing and agriculture markets that do not require their involvement in day-to-day operations.

Dan spent more than four years working for a wholesale building materials company in business development. Recently he finished a six-month consulting contract with a construction company to help with administrative structure, employee management and operating systems.

Dan's specialties include government relations, team building, conflict resolution, creative strategic approaches to complex problems, execution of strategies, negotiations and management of operations.

From January 2003 through January 2019, Dan served in the Washington State House of Representatives. His roles there included:

  • Ranking minority leader of the Economic Development, Agriculture and Trade committee
  • Ranking minority leader of the Rules Committee
  • Minority caucus chair 2006-20013, voted by his peers
  • Minority Leader 2013-2018, voted by his peers

As minority leader, he was responsible for leading the adoption of the caucus agenda and served as lead negotiator with the governor and other leaders as it related to all budgets and regulatory policy.

Dan's achievements include awards from the Washington Policy Center, Association of Washington Business (AWB), National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), Independent Business Association (IBA), Washington Farm Bureau, and Paralyzed Veterans of America, to name a few.

Dan also volunteered his time and expertise to manage a successful faith-based, not-for-profit capital project exceeding $10 million.

What customers are saying about Dan Kristiansen

"Dan Kristiansen has deep experience as a successful business leader, governmental policymaker and political leader. Dan is driven to achieve deep understanding of issues and to provide judgement and guidance only when he fully understands the issue. He is among the coolest leaders in a crisis that I have ever observed.
"As House Republican Caucus Chair and later as House Republican Leader in Washington, I saw Dan deftly manage the big egos in his caucus and build a team that was cohesive and strong. Because Dan has his own ego firmly under control, he always gets the best efforts from all members of his team."

—J.T. Wilcox of Wilcox Farms and Washington state representative, minority leader, 2nd legislative district