Brad Thomson


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I was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa and emigrated to the United States in April of 2018. I've been married to Maria for 29 years and we have one son named Mitch. I love discovering the U.S.A. with Maria as well as reading, writing and some cooking. I'm also a closet musician.


As a performance counselor and sales trainer, Brad has led workshops and personal transformation for thousands of individuals and organizations. He has provided coaching services to global companies such as 3M, Toyota and Yum brands as well as several banks and insurance companies.

As a performance consultant with Sasol, Brad worked with a team to provide training, coaching and consulting that led the company to triple its cost reduction target in 18 months. From an original target of $34.5 million, Sasol achieved $128 million in savings.

With First National Bank, Brad's training led to a 50 percent reduction in performance management incidents. Brad and his team conducted sales and management training that resulted in nearly doubled production for another commercial banking team during a time when their segment was fighting to turn around a 26 percent market share loss.

At Toyota, Brad and his team led initial sales training that prompted Toyota's leadership team to bring them on to train the entire sales team for a business unit. At 3M, the training Brad developed and led resulted in achieving and then beating target objectives.

As much a as he loves sales, Brad determined over the course of his journey that he derives his greatest pleasure from helping people grow and develop in their ventures. As a result, Brad has spent the better part of his life researching and educating people in soft skills, such as EQ, and hard skills like sales, negotiation, time management, etc.

It is Brad's considered conviction that all action is preceded by thought, and that by challenging our thought process we will directly impact our outcomes. He is excited to be part of a team that exists to help clients achieve their goals in business and in life.

Brad moved with his wife, Maria, to Seattle from Johannesburg, South Africa. He enjoys spending time outdoors and is a self-taught musician. Over the last 30 years, Brad and his wife have worked together as a pastoral couple, mentoring young people and teens.