Andrew Larsen

Director of Business Development

(425) 900-3333


Andrew started his career in the public service sector nearly 20 years ago and he has since moved up through multiple management roles across different industries.

In addition to public service, Andrew’s background includes work in sales and operations for both private industry and nonprofit. This combination of experiences has led Andrew to the core belief that customer service and common sense will solve almost anything.

Over the past decade, Andrew has spent time working with the Association of Washington Business, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition and Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance. Within all three organizations, he worked closely with businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 100 companies to emerging industries, to understand their needs and to connect them with valuable resources. This type of problem solving through making connections is what Andrew identifies as the most satisfying part of his job.

Andrew is a life-long Washington resident and father of two. Having grown up in rural southwest Washington around farms and forests, he still enjoys spending time in nature with his family in the Capital Forest area near his home. When he’s not outdoors, Andrew is a fan of watching documentaries, listening to podcasts and reading books about history, leadership, psychology or just about anything else his kids would deem “boring grown-up stuff.”