Microsoft free 365


Considering the current COVID-19 outbreak, Microsoft and adaQuest are offering free training and Microsoft Teams licenses to help your organization communicate and collaborate more efficiently while working remotely.

Where feasible, enabling work to happen from home is a crucial way to help keep our employees, customers, partners, and communities healthy and safe.

The offer includes:

  • For those who don’t have Office 365 adaQuest will configure a Free Trial Version of Office 365 that can be used at no cost for six months and deliver online training to your entire organization.
  • For those who already have Office 365 adaQuest will provide a Microsoft Teams workshop delivered in one day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

For adaQuest to enable the licenses and the training services sponsored by Microsoft, they only need to be registered as your CSP and Partner of Record with Microsoft.

Their team is working around the clock to identify customers that can benefit from this offer and schedule the training with them as soon as possible.

Contact Hiram Machado

(425) 284-7810


 Get your free license and training. Contact:

Hiram Machado

(425) 284-7810